Catholic Schools Week Activities

66 million children go to school hungry each day, children who need you to use your voice to raise awareness of their struggle.


Catholic schools are called to serve the poor and vulnerable, uphold the dignity of human life and form disciples who will bring about justice. In light of this call, the National Catholic Educational Association and Catholic Relief Services have partnered to create a FREE “Hunger Toolkit” for Catholic Schools Week 2018. The toolkit provides a variety of activities to engage students in prayer and learning during Catholic Schools Week 2018.

Your FREE TOOLKIT will be available online on November 1, 2017.

Included in the FREE “Hunger Toolkit” are:

  • An assortment of prayers
  • Videos for middle and high school classes
  • Elementary, middle and high school prayer pilgrimages and simulations
  • A family prayer activity to send home
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • And much more

After Catholic Schools Week 2018, fill out our five-question survey online and we will send you a free fair trade cross to thank you for helping us foster charity and justice.

Register today to receive your link to the free resources that will be posted on November 1st, 2017!

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