Care for Creation

Explore care for creation, climate change and related concerns through Catholic social teaching.

Sign the St. Francis Pledge and join Catholics around the country who are concerned about climate change and its effect on Creation.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Resources to Accompany the Release of the Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si

The Church teaches that creation is a gift from God, and that we show respect for our Creator by taking care of the environment. We also care for creation because of the relationship between the environment and our well-being, a relationship known as human ecology. Building on a long tradition of Church teaching, Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si or Praised Be explores our unique relationship with the earth, the devastating impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable, and our responsibility to protect the earth and each other.

To coincide with the release of the encyclical, CRS offers a comprehensive list of resources for various settings.  Learn how CRS works to help the poor become more resilient to natural disasters and the effects of climate change.  Additional resources on climate change can be found at the CRS Resource Center.

Resources for Schools and Parish Youth Ministries

Caring for Creation, Caring for the Poor:  This resource from National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry provides tools for teaching the young church that care for creation is also care for the poor. The guide provides a practical small-group planning and training process resulting in a parish/school-wide learning experience that focuses on climate change and the role of Catholics to care for all of creation. A number of case studies from CRS are featured throughout.

Friending Planet Earth:  Developed by the Center for Ministry Development and the Catholic Climate Covenant, this resource helps youth understand what solidarity & sustainability look like in the face of climate change

These activities are taken from Food Fast, CRS’ 24-hour retreat for youth.

CRS Climate Change Banners: Download these 11”x14” banners as a tool for exploring the impact of climate change and related environmental concerns on people around the world.

Fr. James Martin and America Magazine provide an excellent summary of the encyclical in a video that would help young people understand the significance of this document.

Resources from the USCCB Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development