CRS Ark of Hope

“Remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature—every mortal being that is on Earth.” – Genesis 9:16


And Engage Your Community

The CRS Ark of Hope program for kids and families allows communities to donate symbolic animals to people in need as they “build an ark.” As students creatively raise money towards the community goals, they can color in animals and place them on the ark for all to see. Materials include lesson plans, a prayer service, coloring pages, and a bulletin-board Ark to show the progress your community has made towards building your ark!  

The story of Noah’s Ark is one of hope and promise. God compelled Noah to gather and protect the Earth’s vulnerable creatures during the great flood. And God offers this protection to us, too, as we endure great storms.

Let this be a model for us. Let us reach out and serve our poorest brothers and sisters overseas, so that they might overcome adversity and see brighter futures.

Catholic Relief Services works with organizations around the world to help poor and vulnerable people overcome emergencies, build a sustainable future through agriculture and access vital health services. The CRS Ark of Hope program offers a meaningful way for your community to join us in this work. Learn about God’s love for all, and help CRS fight global poverty one animal at a time … or two by two. Your CRS Ark of Hope will be a blessing to our poorest brothers and sisters overseas and will be a living sign of God’s presence.

We hope you will take time to reflect on whether the Holy Spirit is calling your community.  If you wish to help us build an Ark of Hope, we will provide you with multiple resources to create an enriching experience. Please click below to get started on the fun!

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