CRS Pray Out Loud

“Young people are the hope of mission … How beautiful it is to see that young people are ‘street preachers’, joyfully bringing Jesus to every street, every town square and every corner of the earth!”   - Pope Francis



Empower youth to lead with their faith!

With enthusiasm, creativity, energy, and faith the young Catholic Church can indeed be an example to the world of what those who believe can accomplish on behalf of “the least of these” – our vulnerable sisters and brothers who struggle for human rights, justice, and peace. Based on the conviction that prayer can be more than words or contemplation, Pray Out Loud strives to connect prayer and works, faith and leadership, believing and acting. Pray Out Loud is designed as a FREE toolkit for those who guide young people to faith-based leadership through prayer, learning, acting and giving in the work of advocacy, compassion, service and social change.

This is the first year of our brand new program and we are asking that communities and groups try out the program and then let us know how it goes. What do you like? What don't you like? What would you add? What would you change? Make sure to check out the resources and then give us your valuable feedback by taking a short survey at


With Pray Out Loud, you can inspire young people to …

  • UNDERSTAND the mission of the Church as she speaks the Gospel in word and action, serving our global family.
  • ENCOUNTER stories of sisters and brothers around the world.
  • LEARN about global issues.
  • ACT in solidarity with and support of the world’s most vulnerable peoples.
  • PRAY in a visible and public manner in the effort to lead with faith and inspire others!

With the Pray Out Loud toolkit, you will receive …

  • A choice between two themes: “Migration: Share the Journey” and “Water is Life”
  • An overview of the program
  • CRS Videos and other media resources
  • A collection of ideas and resources to inspire young people to plan and lead a community-wide event
  • Suggested action steps for continual learning and response
  • And much more …

Are you Ready to PRAY OUT LOUD?

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