Use these prayer resources to add a global dimension to a community event, a meal or for individual use. Additional prayer resources can be found in various CRS Programs and at the CRS Resource Center.

Prayer for Education
A Justice Blessing
Prayer for Global Solidarity
We Pray for the Global Community
The Lord’s Prayer: Little by Little, We Change the World
A Prayer for Africa
A Prayer for Peace in Colombia
A Prayer After the Earthquake in Haiti
A Prayer for the Lonely and Forgotten
Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
A Christmas Prayer of Solidarity

Prayer Services
Praying without Borders: A Day of Reflection
A Prayer before a Fast or Simple Meal
Doers of the Word
Prayer Service for Global Solidarity
Prayer Service for Peace
Commissioning: My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper

Prayer Services for Special Intentions
Prayerful Responses to Human Trafficking
Prayer for East Africa
A Scriptural Reflection on Migrants: Solidarity, Hope and Hospitality
Walking Solidarity
All Saints Day – Justice & Solidarity
Bringing Peace to the Holy Land

Prayer Services in times of Natural Disasters
In Times of a Natural Disaster A Hope for a New Heaven and a New Earth
Prayer Service in Times of Natural Disaster – Leader’s Guide
Prayer Service in Times of Natural Disaster – Handout

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